7 Affordable Ways To Promote Your Freelance Business

by Mahdi Ali April 26, 2018 Business, Freelancing, Web Tips and Tricks

The freelance industry, just like any other industry business, demands a lot of time and commitment to become a success.

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How to create a coming soon page with WordPress

by Sanjeev Mohindra February 20, 2018 Web Tips and Tricks

Everything these days is promoted virtually and even business is mostly all done online through websites. So, from the start

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10+ helpful jQuery plugins for better frontend development

by Ashif Ali January 10, 2018 Web Tips and Tricks

Amidst the large upsurge of various JavaScript frameworks and libraries, one may commonly neglect the power of jQuery plugins. But

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Minify your code with these great minification tools

by Ashif Ali December 27, 2017 Web Tips and Tricks

Websites that are most likely draw visitors attention are the websites that take comparatively less time to load. The idea

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6 Copywriting methods for the Best SEO

by Ashif Ali November 02, 2017 Web Tips and Tricks

In order to join an online spectator, there’s more involved than just writing, posting, and waiting for clicks to come

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Incredible Things you Didn’t Know WordPress Can Do.

by Ashif Ali August 25, 2017 Web Tips and Tricks

Being responsible for a whopping 28% of the internet alone, it’s no wonder that WordPress has a lot to offer

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Free jQuery popup plugins for instant notifications on your website

by Mahdi Ali May 29, 2017 Web Tips and Tricks

jQuery Notification plugins allow us to create a different type of notification messages and alerts to notify visitors about the

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10 Social Media Marketing Tips For Business

by Mahdi Ali May 10, 2017 Business, Web Tips and Tricks

We have written how-to guides, shared different templates, and have created many lists to cover important topics in social media

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Top online image optimization tools for web developers and designers

by Hasan Abbas May 01, 2017 Web Tips and Tricks

Image optimization involves resizing, converting, compressing or any sort of correction. During working with code you can not escape from

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Shortcut keys of Essential Photoshop CC 2017 for designers

by Mahdi Ali March 23, 2017 Web Tips and Tricks

In this tutorial, we’ll take a look at some of the most time-saving Essential  Photoshop shortcuts and tips to speed

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