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Google’s Resizer shows how your website appears on different display sizes

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Today days as Interactive viewers / designers / developers to see and test how website / app  react to materials design breakpoints across desktop, mobile, and tablet. It’s about a new tool titled Resizer introduced by Google.

Although Resizer is generally designed for Google’s materials design language, you can attempt any site with this tool actually. Just visit http://design.google.com/resizer/ and paste your URL into the container on the upper-mid part of the web page. It will provide the prospective site on three online device displays- desktop, mobile, and tablet. You’ll be able to choose an individual device from the top right corner.


Google have began to offer Materials Design direction around breakpoints, reactive grids, surface behaviours, and interface patterns. With Resizer now, we’ve a strong way to try out that help and instruction spur significant discussions between designers, builders, and stakeholders about reactive UI.  here is a google article link for best practices : introducing google resizer,Responsive UI

Did you try Resizer? Please share your experience with us! Thank you 🙂

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